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G3 Magazine:
Interview (July, 2014)
DLV at G2E Asia 2014 in Macau (May, 2014)


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Photo gallery

  • The new cabinet Hybrid presention at ICE exhibition in London

  • DLV team at SAGSE Buenos Aires exhibition 2012.

  • DLV Peru team at CIJUEGO exhibition 2012.

  • DLV Slant Top machines which are the most popular at the Asia market. Reed more

  • DLV Techincal director, International Marketing Manager and International Manager at G2E exhibition in Macau.

  • For the moment DLV has 38 gaming halls with the brand name “Zilais Dimants” (“Blue Diamond”) in Latvia. Most halls are placed in the capital – Riga. Others are situated in the biggest cities of the country. “Zilais Dimants” is one of the most recognized brands on Latvian gaming market..   Read more

  • "DLV" stand at London's ICE 2011.
    Since times “DLV” promotes its line of products by participating in different international exhibitions and conferences, as follows..   Read more

  • The Manufacturing facilities at DLV have the ability to provide our clients with high-quality products because of strictly controlled process of manufacturing. Here the basic technical items solved with the knowledge and experience of top level expert team that comes along with DLV from the moment of company’s establishing. 

  • The compliance of DLV company’s production quality with specifications is ensured by quality management system requirements consistent observation and persistent perfection. This system is based and supported according to international and Latvian standards LVS EN ISO 9001:2008..   Read more

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