Gauya Quest

DLV presents Gauya Quest mystery progressive jackpot which can be operated as a standalone as well as a network-based system. Gauya Quest features 4 mystery progressive levels - Earth, Moon, Sun and Vega.

A bonus game is randomly triggered after any main spin in reel games or after the second deal in the poker game. The player is informed about winning the bonus game by a congratulatory window. All winnings in Gauya Quest are added to player's credit meter and can be gambled further. Higher bet in the main game increases the chances of winning Gauya Quest bonus game.

After entering the bonus game, the player is awarded Earth jackpot level and 1 to 3 lives. Higher total bet increases the number of lives and the chances of winning higher jackpot levels.

The player starts from the bottom row and has to select one position in a row at a time. Each selection will take the player to the next row or will decrease the number of lives. The bonus game continues until the player reaches the top row or until all lives are lost.

If the player completes the first three rows, Earth and Moon jackpots are awarded. After completing the following three rows, the player wins Earth, Moon and Sun. After completing the final three rows, the player wins all four jackpot levels - Earth, Moon, Sun and Vega.

4 mystery progressive levels
Bonus game


The river on which is the world's highest waterfall Angel Fall, with a height of 979 m, was discovered by Latvian explorer Alexander Laime. He named the river Gauya after a Latvian river, but the Pemon-given name of the river, Kerep, is still widely used.


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